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CLEO/JDEdwards E1 Application Integrator


The Cleo/EXTOL Application Integrator (EAI) for JD Edwards, allows Cleo/EXTOL JDEdwards users to address common obstacles encountered during Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration projects, and streamline delivery of applications for production use. While users put forth Best Practices, EBI interfaces with the JDE native files/tables. No need for custom programming or interfaces.
As with any other Cleo/EXTOL solution, EAI for JDE is supported after purchase. Via EXTOL support and continuous mapping/code updates users can be assured Cleo/EXTOL Application Integrator (EAI) for JD Edwards grows as their organization grows.

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Shipped Objects:

Examples of Cleo/EXTOL's JDE E1 Application Integrator Shipped Objects
Data Source using Oracle JDBC Thin-Client
Inbound 810 Database Adapter
SQL Access Example
Outbound 856 Database Schema
Outbound 856 EDI Enveloper
Inbound 850 Ruleset
Outbound 856 Ruleset
Outbound 940 Business Process
867 (Product Transfer and Resale Report) x12 EDI Schema

Usage Of JDE Application Integrator:

Using Clarify Project Generator with JDE Application Integrator

Cleo/EXTOL JDEdwards E1 Application Integrator for EDIFACT

Coming in Q2 2017


The Cleo/EXTOL JDE Application Integrator for EDIFACT leverages Clarify 3 Best Practices and JDEdwards Best Practices .

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