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E1 Application Integration Tips 1


Data Analysis Ruleset Item 1:
The JDE Adapter Kit ships Data Analysis Rulesets (DARS). Each ruleset uses two values to determine the Application endpoint. As an example, JDE analyst will create a version of P4205 (ship confirm) to add the EDI processing option for Trading Partner value (PNID).


For inbound EDI collaborations, we have set-up two parameters: Inbound EDI Ruleset and PNID (Trading Partner) value. We us the PNID value so we can pass the partner name into the ruleset. Once in the ruleset, we use PNID to chain-out to F0111 to retrieve the SHAN (Ship-to Address Book) value. We also populate the PNID value into the respective JDE PNID fields.


In Cleo Clarify/JDE E1 Business Processes, we retrieve a global variable value: JDEEnvironment; the global value will be PY or PD.
IN each of the Clarify /JDE rulesets, we query JDEEnvironment global variable to determine which SQL action query should be executed. In each ruleset we have a matching pair of SQL statements; one for PY and one for PD.

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