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Oracle JDBC Thin Client E1 Data Source

Cleo Clarify uses the Oracle thin client JDBC driver, to connect to Oracle's database. The JDBC Thin Client is a pure Java, Type IV driver. The driver allows a direct connection to the database.

Syntax: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//[HOST][:PORT]/SERVICE

ExampleURL: "jdbc:oracle:thin:@//myhost:1521/orcl";

Set-up of EBI Data Source

Some of the essential components of the EBI Data Source are:

  • Database - The host name where Oracle server is running.
  • Port - The port number where Oracle is listening for connection. Default is 1521
  • SID - System ID of the Oracle server database instance.
Cleo EXTOL JDEdwards Application Integrator E1 JDBC thin client data source

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